FGM / Forced Marriage / Radicalisation and British Values: do you really get it? Aneeta Prem – Keynote

Aneeta Prem BBC

Speaker: Aneeta Prem, President, Freedom Charity
Radicalisation, grooming and cultural abuse is on the rise and is becoming more hidden and sophisticated than ever. From the shifting sands of migration across Europe as well as localised pockets of deeply embedded abuse such as the Rotherham scandal, the world is changing and abuse is becoming more sophisticated and hidden than ever. For example, from 2015 it became law for all schools to report on incidences of actual or suspected FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Aneeta Prem is a brilliant, world-renowned expert and public speaker, and she’s coming to the festival to inspire and reassure. She is the go-to expert for the media and education officials - to advise and analyse issues around radicalised behaviour, law, safeguarding, British Values and Prevent. An inspirational speaker, Aneeta will leave you shocked and terrified, but motivated to act. Whilst this session will focus on female genital mutilation and forced marriage as examples, the transferable skills in spotting, dealing with and ensuring you’re meeting statutory requirements on all radicalised thinking and safeguarding agendas.